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0. Preface

At the end of Volume 0, Alice and Bob briefly discussed the question of documentation. They then moved on, in Volume 1, to learn Ruby and to write their first 2-body code in Ruby. While doing the reseach described in Volume 1, they also made some notes about how to write Volume 1, and similarly in the following volumes. However, after moving on to the N-body system in Volume 4, things just got too complicated to keep track of, and they decided to settle on a more systematic way to record their adventures. After some discussion (see chapter 1 in this volume) they choose to use Ruby for documentation as well as for code writing.

The main idea of their writing system is to use a specially designed format, called acsdoc, which in turn is a stand-alone variant of rdoc. From each acsdoc file, html or postcript or pdf files can be automatically generated.

For those readers who are interested in making a small contribution to our project, in the form of some code extensions or other small tools, it is not necessary to master the acsdoc format. However, for those of you who are interested in writing a whole volume, either by yourself or in collaboration with us, it is important to do so in acsdoc.

xxx (to be written:)

[ In order to write in acsdoc, it is not necessary to go through this whole volume. Instead, you can follow the instructions in A Quick Introduction to Acsdoc, which can be found at xxxxx. Of course, if you really like to know what we did, how we did it, and most importantly, why we did it, by all means, read on, and follow all the details! ]

0.1. Acknowledgments

We thank xxx, xxx, and xxx for their comments on the manuscript.

Piet Hut and Jun Makino
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