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1. VPL interface specification

  Version 0.00

   P. Hut and J. Makino
   24 Nov 2005

1.1. Overview

Currentl version of VPL defines a way to plot a two-dimentional array.

1.2. Class definition

1.2.1. Name


1.2.2. Methods

Create a VirtualPlotter object. The device argument is a text string which specifies the device (and maybe device-dependent arguments such as PS filename as well).

ar is two dimentional array of floating-point numbers. Returns self.

Plot the data specified by VirtualPlotter#data. In the current specification, aspect ratio of the plot area is 1:1. Coordinates are scaled automatically. Returns self.

1.3. Sample use

  #!/usr/bin/env ruby
  require "vpl"
  a = open("sample.dat"){|x| x.gets(nil)}.collect{|x| x.split}
Sample data sample.dat would look like

   0 0
   1 2
   2 4
   3 9
   4 16
   5 25

1.4. Todo

More methods.

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