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ACS 1.2 release notes

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A novel feature of ACS 1.2 is the presentation of an N-body code that allows individual particles to use not only individual time steps, but also individual integration algorithms, from a wide range of choices including the leapfrog and Hermite scheme, various Runge-Kutta schemes, an arbitrary-order multistep scheme, and the Chin-Chen scheme (a counterpart to the Hermite scheme that introduces a space derivative of the force where the Hermite scheme introduces a time derivative).

The first individual time step scheme is presented and discussed in volume 13. Individual Time Steps: A Four-Dimensional View . The whole menu of integrators is presented in volume 15. Individual Time Steps: Arbitrary Order Integrators. While we have not yet written a dialogue for volume 15, the complete code is available in that directory (as world3.rb; see the Installation instructions for directions to install this code on your own computer.

There are many other novel features in the ACS 1.2 release. However, since we have not yet found the time to document them, we will postpone a detailed description until the next major release.

Main changes with respect to ACS 1.1.1:

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